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Unparalleled Fund Safety

04-Features-01-UnparalleledFundSafetyUnparalleled Fund Safety

True Segregated Account – Corporate funds and Client funds are kept in separate bank accounts. This ensures that client funds are never used for the company’s operating expenses.

Independent Trustee Protection – Client deposits and withdrawals are administered by an Independent Trustee. This ensures all client funds are safeguarded against any form of misappropriation or mishandling. 

ALL Trust fees are waived for deposits above USD1500.* 

Trustee Liability Insurance – As an added layer of world class safety, any valid claims against the Trustee for misappropriation of client funds are insured. 

ALL Insurance fees are waived for deposits above USD3000.**

Click here to view the AIG Insurance Policy on Kiwi Global Trust. 

* Fullerton clients who fund below USD1500 and still want Trustee protection pay a one-time fee of USD50 only. 

** Fullerton clients who fund between USD1500 and USD3000 and still want AIG Trustee Liability Insurance to pay an additional one-time fee of USD50 only.

Global Credibility

04-Features-02-GlobalCredibilityGlobal Credibility

A widely sought-after thinker in the finance industry, Mario has appeared more than 40 times on international media CNBC and Bloomberg, each time giving his market views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide.

As an accomplished corporate consultant, Mario has been brought in by some of the biggest banks in the world to speak to their traders and clients.

Some of his clientele include ICBC – China’s biggest bank, Julius Baer – the third largest Swiss bank and OCBC – ranked by Bloomberg as the world’s strongest bank in 2011 and 2012.

Lightning Speed Execution

04-Features-03-LightningSpeedLightning Speed Execution

With our world-class infrastructure, client trades are executed as fast as 20 milliseconds in Western Europe and 190 milliseconds in South-East Asia. Our data centres are located in prime locations all around the Asia Pacific region to ensure a seamless trading experience. 
The data centres are then connected to ultra-high speed servers located in London – the world’s largest financial centre. Our Metatrader4 servers are hosted on Equinix LD4, together with tier-one liquidity providers and banks, with network speeds of less than 1 millisecond. 
This world-class infrastructure is setup to ensure that all clients receive a trading experience like no other. Lightning speed execution and low latency connection accessible anytime, anywhere.

Tier One Liquidity Providers

04-Features-04-LiquidityProvidersTier One Liquidity Providers

We offer our clients direct market access to the largest financial market in the world. Trades are executed with no requotes. This ensures that all our clients are given the best possible price when they want to buy or sell. We work with some of the biggest liquidity providers in the world to ensure that our clients enjoy price stability at competitive rates. We provide liquidity from some of the biggest global banks and ECNs including Credit Suisse, Citibank, Deutsche Bak, FXSpotStream, Hotspot, Barclays and J.P. Morgan.

24-Hours Dedicated Support

04-Features-05-24HourSupport24-Hours Dedicated Support

All clients are supported with a professional team of dedicated customer relationship managers. We place utmost priority in training our customer relationship managers to provide world-class support to all our clients. We ensure our customer relationship managers are patient, understanding and equipped with the right knowledge and skills to resolve clients’ issues in the shortest possible time. Our team is contactable 24 hours a day, 5 days a week via our online live chat platform. Our support languages include English, Chinese, Bahasa, Thai and Vietnamese.


Fullerton Markets is Asia’s fastest growing brokerage firm. Our relentless approach to be your committed trading partner has enabled us to raise industry benchmarks in the areas of fund safety, execution speeds and client experience. 
Whether you’re a trader, Introducing Broker, Fund Manager or White Label, we look forward to partner you and help take you to the next level. 

Damian O’Brien, CFO

A chartered accountant for 25 years, Damian has been a professional investment manager and trustee for multiple investment structures having co-founded, managed and grown funds as head of compliance and later trading. 

Mario Singh, CEO

A widely sought-after thinker in the finance industry, Mario has appeared more than 40 times on international media CNBC and Bloomberg, each time giving his market views to an estimated 350 million viewers worldwide. 

Paul Turner, Senior Manager

Paul has over 40 years’ accounting experience, part of this time with a national firm. He is primarily involved in providing accounting and tax advice, the establishment of business structures and making sure your business works for you.

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